Animal Nutrition Solutions






Animal nutrition requires a lot more than just knowledge about the ingredients and the nutritional needs of the species to be fed. To feed animals properly means finding the perfect balance between an attractive and palatable diet and exactly meeting the changing nutritional needs at different stages of their life. It takes into account the need for and the demands of high productivity, seeking the best technical and economic results, as well as providing those services that most precisely meet all the needs of both animals and farmers.


Nuttria brings together important and essential elements for excellent zootechnical results with both pigs and poultry. Some of the most important aspects here are the careful section criteria and the guaranteed quality of the raw materials that make up our products, in order to ensure adequate nutritional levels and the best quality of the final product.

Allied to this, the complex study of the precise nutritional requirements of the different species, phases, genetics and breeding methods means Nuttria brings to the market a wide range of products that meet specific needs, giving both maximum performance and financial return.

Balancing nutrition, management, sanitation and genetics with excellence is one of the great challenges for producers. With this in mind, Nuttria, with its professional team of experienced technicians and researchers, will always be working closely with its customers to improve their productivity.

By offering high quality nutrition along with technical support, Núttria collaborates so that its customers increase productivity, reduce risks and improve the quality of the final product. All this combined with a full range of services designed to meet all the needs of producers:


High quality products that offer innovative, customized solutions to meet the needs of the poultry farmer for maximum efficiency.

Nutritional Additives:

These products, resulting from research at renowned institutions, are of proven efficiency in increasing productivity. Innovative, they enhance the use of nutrients while avoiding losses in zootechnical measures, thus reducing production costs.

Vitamin Supplements - Minerals that restore electrolyte balance:

These products have formulations of raw materials adjusted to correctly replace vitamins and minerals in poultry. They decrease the stress factors - vaccinations and changes in the environment, for example - suffered during the reproduction and production stages and improve the performance of the poultry at all stages, from lodging and transfers.

Basemix (Broilers - Layers - Quail):

These are products that bring the maximum zootechnical performance in the different phases and periods of development of the poultry. The new formulations combine anti-coccidial agents to contribute and to preserve the good functioning of the digestive tract of the poultry in critical periods, guaranteeing the integrity of the intestinal tract. In addition, they prepare animals to digest less complex diets with better cost and financial return in subsequent stages.


These products guarantee the technical and economic performance in all phases: from growing to finishing of broiler chickens and in production poultry such as laying hens and breeders (light and heavy). They promote better feed efficiency, high egg quality and maximum carcass yield and yield.